Grant Writer/Community Relations Coordinator





  1. Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, public relations, marketing or education.
  2. Marketing or broadcast work experience is desirable.
  3. High level computer skills required.
  4. Strong oral and written communications skills.




Monitors philanthropic websites, reviews trade publications and maintains contact with state and federal agencies offering funding opportunities.


Adopts projects, gathers research materials, composes written documents, compiles and completes required forms and delivers the necessary documents to funding sources.


Attends conferences and professional development opportunities for the purpose of reviewing potential grants with appropriate funding agencies.


Conducts meetings with faculty and administrators within the district for whom the grants will be written.


Maintains an organized library of submitted grants, both funded and unfunded, for the purpose of research and the potential to resubmit.


Notifies appropriate personnel of potential funding opportunities, matching grants with particular needs for each campus.


Submits award nominations for district, both state and federal. 


Designs brochures or other informational documents for the district.


Liaison with local media representatives.


Writes, proofreads and edits district publications and communications as requested.


Writes scripts and speeches as necessary.


Acts as Crane ESD webmaster.


Keeps abreast of current affairs, government policy and local issues as they relate to education.


Performs other related duties as required by supervisor.



Assistant Superintendent



Work year, salary and benefits as established by the Governing Board.



Evaluation of this position will be performed by the Assistant Superintendent in accordance with the Board’s policy on evaluations.




Range 24